Strategy and Business Transformation

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We help organizations, units and teams develop a feasible concept of competitive advantage, practice the concept, and achieve new results. We provide guidance through processes, methodologies, models and concrete ideas for solutions. In this way we strengthen management processes, nourish dialogue and understanding, and foster the process of improvement.

› Strategy concept and realization

The measure of success for the strategy process is the increase in value through competitive advantages realized.

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› Segment Concepts

If there is no segment concept, there is no strategy. Product and service advantange must target specific customer needs, and be anchored in process advantage. The process owners of the organization should play an active role in the design process, sometimes also customers. If the design concept follows path of fast  prototyping, being iterated in frequent loops, the concept may maintain resilience.

›  Rapid Business Momentum

The strategy focus, execution power, management team transformation and leadership combined to create momentum for business development.

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› Strategy Conference, Strategy Meeting

A strategy conference should be an emergizing experience. It's about setting out for new business opportunities. And it's about connecting management levels so that the strategic change succeeds.

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Strategy meetings are focused on one task. Here the density of collaboration counts.

› Leading Initiatives and Projects towards their Goals

Projects tend to become more complex with time. Coordination and realization consume more and more resources. Commitments that cannot be kept and gaps that emerge between sub-project plans nourish conflict. At this point it is important to strengthen self-synchronization. To do that it helps to target in short cycles on integrated total project results, that represent a stage of viable solution.

› Developing Functions

Functions can be understood as corporate service enterprises. They work for the processes their customers use to add value. The resources of functions themselves are imbedded in processes that must be aligned strategically, in order to not become self-servant. Functions need advantages over substitution or outsourcing. A way to create these is a program aiming for tangible success with internal users and customers, while sharpening functional processes.

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