Management Collaboration

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We support management teams and leaders to develop their capacity to perform. We supply processes, methodologies and guiding models along the way. We help to make the steps – fostering a focus on results, strengthening decision processes and decision quality, as well as dialogue and understanding, communication and the process of organizational self-improvement.

› Forming the management team

Focus and flow in management teams need to be maintained and renewed in the face of day-to-day operational pressures. For that the team needs a shared overall perspective of what is happening and what the results really are. Based on that, the team can practice dialogue on alternatives, and train applying the values of working together that really count. It is imperative to build a common picture out of existing perceptions and experiences, moving beyond the data.

› Boost Practices for management teams

Current  business topics are rapidly evolving from complicated to complex. Tasks of innovation, transformation, new chans of intuation between unitts or with customers or partners require new solution. New ways have to be found within the company itself. No individual has complex mastery of all the knowledge needed. Acting competently as a management team therefore is decisive factor.

Boost Practices bundle approach and techniques for success in an specifica challenge. Boost Practices guide collaboration, complementary methodological skills, lead to a, reinforce the management process.

The management team achieves a boost for results for a goal. SImultaneously it expands professional competence and skills as a team. Boost Practices augment  and possibly refine existing leadership processes.

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› Moving out of the doldrums

Sometimes a management team feels that nothing is progressing. It seems impossible to put the truly decisive points on the agenda because these have become increasingly undiscussable  and even the fact that this is happening cannot be addressed. Here is where the presence of neutral facilitator can help build a common perception of the situation. This alone will free energy, enabling participants to focus on the challenges facing the business and open the flow of work steps.

› Survey, dialogue, feedback as a management process

Employee surveys and internal questionnaires must lead to visible decisions. Otherwise, they lose credibility. Surveys therefore need a comprehensible question. The process of evaluating and improving is as important as the survey itself. Surveys without transparent dialogue of the results are a barrier to engagement and encourage cynicism.

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