Service Modules - Working with the Organization

» Projects and Initiatives

Partnering for specific success, conceptualizing initiatives, helping projects and programs to realize their goals, guide over hurdles and through blockades, methodology and recommendations of analysis and concepts, strategic solutions, realization concept, synchronization of functions to joint action, leadership support and advice, guidance for leaders and  teams, alignment for project teams, implementation of methodology, designing and structuring paths of realization, coaching withresult oriented approaches.

» Change and Transformation

Understanding change requirements of strategy, assessing the potential of change, recognizing impediments and resistance, calibrating change from transition to transformation, using virulent and unleashing latent energies, designing a change approach, creating focus and alignment, imbedding change in strategic progress.

» Meetings and Workshops

Meetings as part of the management process, defining problems, creating solutions, making method based decisions, having productive debate, building shared vision and aligning for joint action, deepening working relations, deepening competencies, acquire tools and methodology.

» Off-sites and Leadership Meetings, Large Group Conferences

Understanding cultural impact, designing a mode of governance, developing the architecture, enhancing communication vertically and horizontally, establishing networked work style, joining perspectives, creating visibility of success.

» Innovation Teams and Creativity Labs

Collaboration for success guidance, methodology, practice of design thinking, targeting breakthroughs, non-linear methods.

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