Adaptive Flexible Product Generation Process AFPCP

4 Practices of Building Competitive Edge

Focused - results-oriented - agile – interlocking

Product creation is a backbone process that links the functions in the company. Product creation capabilities are a crucial strategic asset. As a backbone process it links the functions of the company. Growth strategies without competitive advantage in product development remain hollow. Innovation strategies without advantages in product development are not sustainable. The competence of product creation largely defines the value of a business.

Generations of methodologies have made important contributions and improved the process. But methodology alone tends to lead procedures, which are either too rigid for stimulating creativity or too unstructured to build deep know-how on a sustained basis.

In this webinar you will be introduced to the concept of Adaptive Flexible Product Generation Process that delivers this competitive edge. You will get to know the approach of how you can evolve an AFPCP right away. You can exercise 4 practices that start to improve the ways of working on the spot with manageable change within the existing organization. The practices deliver product generation results of tangible value within a short term. At the same time they build momentum for a permanent Adaptive Flexible Product Generation Process that keeps focus on the business produces value, makes use of agile culture while keeping functions interlocked.  AFPCP is self-improving by design, avoiding organizational distraction by methodology or programs.


Interactive Webinar, 60 minutes, 5 participants max.

Presenters: Wolfgang Bullmer, Thomas Leder

Requests for appointment: Office(at)hlp-org.com, Tel: +49-69-716736-30

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