Agile Strategy Development

Rapid adaptation of business strategy is the challenge. Not only strategic goals, also the path to change must coonstantle develop. Traditional strategy planning is too slow. Conventional action plans become thwarted by organizational frictions. Agile strategy development means three things

  • creating solutions in fast interaction
  • connecting the minds of co-creators from sevaral disciplines
  • closely integrating design ans realization through change

With our WebTalk we look into and discuss essentials of the three building blocks

1. Strategy concept: The value-creating constellation of strategic advantages for the future - segment focus, product and process advantages.

2. Realization: Innovative goals, focus on results, nimble action, joint responsibilities for outcomes, joy of success and learning.

3. Process: Creative and lfast, but also methodical. Open debate and shared understanding. Binding decisions and shared resposibility.

With the WebTalk you can identify starting points for your own approach. 

Duration: 1 hour

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