Strategy process

Organizations that live a systematic strategy process produce better results than comparable competitors, as studies say.

The successful strategy process designs effective competitive advantages and makes them a reality, increasing value of the business. The process of strategy creation in itself is competence of the company.

 In our experience, important attributes of a successful strategy process are

  • Understanding strategy creation as cyclical
  • The path of strategy realization and managing change is integrated in the search for strategic solutions
  • Sustained learning, by evaluating success, generating insights, creating  new successes.
  • Network of co-operation between levels and units.

Scope and cycle time may vary - from a workshop for one business to a company-wide, cross-unit strategic governance. But every strategy cycle goes through phases whose design of content, thinking steps and methods, communication  participation and collaboration determine success.

Strategy process support

Analysis and conceptualization: We help detect success factors, view opportunities and conceptualize the competitive advantage. We guide through the thought process and instruct on the use of methodology. 

Creating positive team dynamics: We encourage focus on the future results, crystallize  communality of  viewpoints, encourage the agreement on shared values and und mutual understanding, thus releasing energy and building confidence to move forward.

Realization and change: We guide the process stakeholders to set ambitious goals that demand change, to take on mutual accountability for outcomes, to determine the most effective activities, and to form networked collaboration for reaching the goals.

Learning loops:  We help to practice success orientation of learning, gaining  insights from action and integrating these into the process.

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