How to Tap the Covert Organizational Knowledge for Making Decisions

For decision makers and shapers of decision processes

Learn to build practices that add to competitive advantage. 

  • How organizational knowledge makes the capability of the firm
  • Tacit, contextual knowledge compared to explicit knowledge
  • Why decisions often discard knowledge that is available in the organization
  • Approaches and formats that have worked – what is their secret
  • Five keys to Tap Organizational Knowledge
  • The steps to implement your signature Process of Tapping Organizational Knowledge (POTOK)
  • Examples for tools


Webtalk  50 minutes, small group discussion.

Coach:  Dr. Thomas Leder,Jürgen Schreiber

Next date: July 20, 2023 16:00 - 16:50 (MEZ)
Requests for appointmentOffice(at)hlp-org.com, Tel: +49-69-716736-30

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