Our Focus: Organizational Capability

How can organizations raise their power to perform?

›  Enhance organizational capacities through attaining specific business success while learning and improving.

›  Develop values and work style while realizing results.

›  Integrate direction, result orientation, collaboration, leadership and self-organized action while moving ahead.  

›  Recognize and release the potential of people, teams, units and organization.

We support organizations to realize business results and to achieve new levels of performance.


The Challenges

  • New approachs and different kinds of initiatives are required to realize the strategy
  • Strategies and business models have to be updated, sharpened or even changed
  • New patterns of responsibilities, collaboration and management capabilities to be developed
  • Product development must be accelerated through better collaboration between the functions and units
  • Business processes must adapt to new performance levels
  • The management team seeks to enhance their joint capacities and performance
  • The organization has to become more agile and reach higher levels of commitment
  • The new organization structure now must prove itself in practice
  • The cooperation or merger integration now has to deliver on the projected potential
  • Strategic projects face the hurdles of change
  • Employee surveys suggest tensions and issues of leadership
  • Dealing with new demands on leadership while resources are reduced and spans of control grow