Jürgen Schreiber, Partner 

Specialities:  Developing structure processes of aligning, clarifying, understanding and reaching decisions, thus connecting organizational units, teams, and decision makers.

Jürgen Schreiber functions as a mediator in those situations where it is necessary to link differing perspectives of disciplines or spheres of thinking - situations where results can only be reached through new cooperation and approaches. It is Jürgen’s competence to focus on the substantial and technical requirements of strategy in order to help create the organizational dynamics leading to a level of increased performance.

Although Jürgen is a trained pedagogue and sports scientist, his life experience as an athlete, connoisseur of theater, political advisor and teacher at schools and academies provide additional background for his enthusiasm to  understand and guide organizations.

Jürgen Schreiber has been a consultant since 1991 and is co-founder and partner of HLP OrganizationalConsultants.

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