How We Work

Collaboration with clients

We take co-responsibility for achieving results. We work together with executives, management teams, functional leaders, initiative teams, and change agents. It will be the participants who, in the end, give the presentation of results, demonstrating increased competence in leading, realizing and conveying change.

Principles of our work

Attitudes and values are decisive for both the process and outcome of a consulting relation.

HLP Consultants direct their thinking and acting according to five principles:

  1. Focus intervention on results for the business
  2. Think in solutions, help to change
  3. Strengthen organizational dialogue
  4. Help tap into the potential of people and organization
  5. Create a sense of achievement and learn as an organization

Our dual success indicators

One: Business results that the organization reached – goals attained, impact realized, initiatives having delivered.

Two: Capability and resilience as organization or unit, leadership and team dynamics, focus of organizational activities.     

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