Wolfgang Bullmer, affiliated partner

Specialties: Strategy development and implementation; new product  development, focused on competitive advantage and efficiency

Wolfgang Bullmer’s consulting style is characterized by scrutinizing paradigms as well as guiding individuals and teams in moving real and perceived limitations.

He provides clients with new experiences outside the mainstream by helping people to expand their comfort zones. An additional focus area is the simplification of processes and solutions.

His working experience includes more than 30 years in the automotive and related industries, like power generation, in several countries and on all management levels. He started in product engineering and held several VP positions in engineering, sales and operations. He was the leader of global business units and the CEO of a Start-up.

He transfers his philosophy of expanding comfort zones to activities outside of work as well. He is a PSIA certified ski instructor and likes to participate in different sports like climbing, weight lifting and mountain biking.

Wolfgang Bullmer holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart in Germany and is the owner of WOHEBU Consulting LLC in Ithaca, NY (USA).

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