Boost Practices for Management Teams

» Three Outcomes

1 Goals achieved

Boost practices achieve results according to existing or new goals. The management team will have created tangible outcomes.

Capabilities enhanced

The Management Team has broadened and deepened its abilities to produce value: identifying opportunities, addressing problems directly, triggering ideas, using expert methods and techniques, testing hypotheses, use variability in thinking, making fact-based decisions.

Augmented quality of team collaboration

The management team functions with its unique effective style of working: sharing patterns of assessments, creating consensus in controversy, building mutual responsibility, networking and collaborating, bringing everyone's potential to bear.

» Fusioning Knowledge and Approaches into Team Capability

With Boost Practice a Management Team leaps ahead in team competence while coping with an actual challenge. Boost means to reach additional value and higher level of ability fast. Practice means to exercise collaboratively on the job, bonding know how and values into action.

Boost Practices merge various approaches and fields of knowledge, fitted to the task and to the culture of the team, feeding it into the actual the work process.


Boost Practice - Integrating Competencies with the Task