Cases of Impact: Machine Manufacturer

  • A manufacturer of air compressors, seeking new areas for growth, launches a strategy process. The management team forms into strategy groups and identifies market potential. While managing growth initiatives, a system for leading and navigating the strategy is developed, turning into coherent practice. The strategy plan is widely realized through new initiatives and more focused processes.
  • A manufacturer of vacuum pumps is strongly focused on the food packaging segment and enjoys a stable leadership position. In order to transfer concept and strengths to adjacent markets, strategy teams identify potential for new customer benefit and design matching business processes, being built up through focus projects. Significant and profitable growth in new process applications of vacuums is realized.
  • The manufacturer of special machinery for the print industry wants to improve efficiency, speed and the willingness to change of an important plant. The management team determines five result areas to improve the performance of key business processes and defines breakthrough projects. Project teams, within 120 days, realize a new level of process results and sustainable improvements: Previously unattainable product innovation deadlines met, more cost-efficient product design solutions, procurement of a new category of parts, and a more effective sales process in collaboration with corporate functions. New business results attained and a process of regular boosts of improvement and learning alongside the realization of strategy. The breakthrough project approach is becoming an ingredient of the plant's culture.