Cases of Impact: Education

  • A publisher of learning systems redefines the business strategy with focus on only a few key segments. He concentrates sales power on the most attractive customer segments and dramatically improves service benefits for them. The company improves its position from strong to market leader role within a year. Improved profitability renews relations with investors opening new space for growth.
  • A provider of diversified education services opens up new business segments and linked sales, grouping these into clusters of process related to existing business areas, defining focused goals and streamlining processes. More effective product development and customer targeting leads to growth in the targeted areas.
  • A provider of online courses for vocational training re-aligns sales, delivery and HR processes with the needs of key customers. With a new depth of services at current cost level new market success is attained and investors are ready to ramp up the capital base.
  • A diversified education services provider develops a new structure of responsibilities, following new principles. A newly coordinated marketing process, linking central and local roles, augments the profile of the offering. Improved level of marketing performance with existing resources.
  • A business line of a diversified education provider is facing declining markets for several independently operating units. The heads of the business together walk through the steps of building new business segments and service offerings. With a growing frequency of meetings, activities become coordinated and a common strategy governance process is formed, including peer-reviewing of strategies and realization approaches. Tangible synergies in terms of costs and business development are leveraged.