Cases of Impact: Consumer Brands

  • A packaged consumer goods manufacturer relying on a very traditional high-value brand looks for direction to develop new markets. Management teams and focused strategy groups interact and redefine purpose, segmentation and core competences. Business segment responsibility is newly defined. Increased dynamics of product development and sales, new product positioned in highly competitive segments.
  • A hair care brand manufacturer with stagnating growth develops innovative strategies for each of the channels served, repositions products, clears the product portfolio and installs business segment leaders. Important strategic initiatives for customers are realized. The company becomes one of the most profitable businesses of the global corporation.
  • A global manufacturer of office equipment looks for a process to realize existing plans for growth. In a first wave of the programme, more than 15 national units participate in a management process, extending from strategy to 100-days realization projects. The business success is so convincing that the process becomes a key element of the corporate culture, and is presented in the annual report. The “ideation-to-100- day-realization" process is featured in the report to analysts on a regular basis, becoming a factor in the total valuation of the business.